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NetEase Games Has Won the ATD BEST 2022 Award for Talent & Development

NetEase Games has been honoured with another ATD (Association for Talent Development) award, being one of the winners of the BEST 2022 Award for Talent & Development, in recognition of our work in learning and training our employees.

GUANGZHOU, China – March 10th, 2022 – NetEase Games is proud to announce that it’s one of the winners of the BEST 2022 Award for Talent & Development, alongside other well-known Fortune 500 companies, like IBM, Walmart, and Sony. NetEase Games has become the first tech company in China to receive this award since this award was set up nineteen years ago.

The Association for Talent Development Has Recognised NetEase Game’s Top Quality Hiring Practises & Support for Current Employees

The ATD is a professional membership organization that aids companies around the world who support the development of their employees. NetEase Games has previously been recognised as a worldwide expertise in organizational learning and demonstrating the best practices in talent development, being a three-time winner of the ATD Awards. NetEase Games constantly evolve the work based on the best industry practises by providing professional training to our staff.

The BEST Award is given to companies who demonstrate their ability to adapt and learn in all aspects of talent development across the board. It’s about organizations maximizing the potential of their employees, through investing in talent development and performance initiatives.

NetEase Games’ Talent Initiatives Are About Developing Skills & Encouraging Growth

NetEase Games is a market leader in the training of employees and providing all of the resources necessary to help them utilize their skills in the development and promotion of high-quality games. NetEase provide programs, sessions, platform, and more to help their employees advance in their career.

NetEase Games hires talented individuals from all around the world. In order to help developers from different cultural and language background to better work together, NetEase talent team facilitates cultural events among employees to raise cross-cultural awareness and provides language lessons to those working on cross-cultural teams.

NetEase also promote employee growth career wise through its knowledge sharing platform and theYi Course. Knowledge sharing among departments is key, as it helps hasten the development process by giving all involved a better understanding of each aspect of production. NetEase Games uses its knowledge management platform to ensure that employees have the resources necessary to gather the information they need at any time, and can find and connect with co-workers who can help them resolve challenges at work. The company annually reward those who share articles with the most likes and views on the platform.

Yi Course is another of NetEase’s efforts to help its employees understand the various aspects of the entertainment business, how to communicate cross department, function, culture and receive updates on new market trends. It’s through the Yi course that the company keeps up to date with the latest trends and pan-entertainment industry development, acquire screenwriting skills and KOL creation experience, understand Apple and Google technology, and capture other creative and technical trends.

NetEase also strives to grow its youngest employees, NetEase Games holds special “Mini Projects” for new graduates, where individuals from different disciplines are brought together and given six weeks to develop a demo. If the demo is greenlit, it will be incubated internally to flourish. Some NetEase’s most successful games originated from the Mini Project.

NetEase Games’ talent initiatives extend externally as well. The company collaborates closely with the top universities and share industry knowledge on game development related courses.


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